Thanksgiving in America.

We are approaching our American Holiday “Thanksgiving” once again.

Thanksgiving turkey - stock photo

America has been criticized often as an overfed , spoiled, superficial country.

I know that there are some in Europe who could answer to the same description, but I am not going to focus on that. It really isn’t important.

What I am going to focus on is how I see America, we are lucky.

Most of us have a decent place to live, enough food to eat, and some type of income coming in. Except in the larger cities, you don’t usually see people eating out of the garbage. Most people don’t live on the streets, not saying that is not a reality for some, as that would be crazy, but most of us at least have some type of shelter.

We have soup kitchens, food pantries, and government assistance to help those who are without. Our public schools have free lunch programs.

Students in cafeteria line with one holding up her healthy meal looking at camera - stock photo

Many churches and private charities help with clothing, household goods,  heating costs, rent, and medical costs. Not a perfect system and some, I would imagine, do fall through the cracks, which is unfortunate, but the systems are there. In some countries they are non-existing.

On Thanksgiving many Americans donate their time to soup kitchens and area churches who host Thanksgiving dinners for those who would not have any if not for their fellow Americans. Other days of the week we feed our elderly through  community centers and a program called “meals on wheels“, that deliver meals to home-bound people.  You see we know we are lucky and we are a generous people.

I like Thanksgiving, because it is about family. It isn’t about what you can get, it is about being grateful for what we already have. Sure, sometimes we stuff ourselves too much, we are superficial at times, and perhaps, because we are so very fortunate to live here we act spoiled . Still, I count my blessings being born an American.  I am proud to be one and I am very grateful for all that I have.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans!

 American or not, what are somethings that you are grateful for?


I’ll Never Know.

Closeup of girl crying with tear rolling down her cheek - stock photo

I do not know why

The friendship has died?

I only know you no longer care.

Left with my thoughts

it is hard to contemplate?

I am not sure what I have done.

Didn’t I try?

I cheered you on

I cared about you

Perhaps, you didn’t feel the same?

I will never know

You’ve cut off ties

It makes no sense to me.

Didn’t you say to keep in touch?

Didn’t you say you didn’t want to hurt me?

Why the silence?

The apathy?

Were you lying to me ?

I’ll never know.

World of the Pen

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What is it that makes me feel so disconnected?

Viewing life through a kaleidoscope

Lost in other worlds

Thinking unconventional thoughts

Like a sleep-walker amongst those awake

I never seem to be quite connected

The dreams seem truer than reality

I lose myself far too easily

I hide amongst words on paper

I feel more alive in that place

The place of my own creation

For in the world of reality

I can be cold as ice

Disconnected, uncaring

It confuses me, this world

Perhaps it is the inability to control

The unpredictability, the instability

When I take my pen I control my world

No confusion there

Nothing I can’t handle

People act as I dictate

I am in complete control

For I am dictator there

Vulerability of Lonliness

heart broken into pieces - stock photo

I wonder what it was I thought I saw in you

Parroting  what you knew I wanted to hear

I really thought you cared for me

And so with relatively little amount flattery

Aimed at a vulnerable and lonely heart

You spun your web

Quickly, bored with your conquest

It was then your true colors emerged

And with no pain on your part, you left me there

Moving on to other conquests and breaking other hearts.