Measure of True Love

At first it came as a surprise
I had not expected this
As the want of you mellowed
And the need of you increased
A need not dependent on desire
I came to realize I loved you
It is not in strong emotion that I feel loved
It is in the every day friendship we experience
It is in the way I long to make you happy
And in the way you make me smile
Both striving to be better
Each one for the other
It is in familiarity that love grows
Passion so swiftly comes and goes and dies
It is how we live our lives day by day
That true love is measured


Effortless Humility

With your down cast eyes and barely audible replies
I mistook your coyness for humility
How often words of self degradation had escaped your lips
How was I to know it was all so carefully crafted?
You sought opposite meaning in the words you spoke
For someone to argue with you and oppose your self depreciating
So, that you would not have the misfortune of appearing to boast
How clever you are to seem so humble and do it so effortlessly
Not many would guess how much you value your goodness
How proud you are of your pretended humility.