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And so, like a broken toy, you lay there abandoned.

You thought the days of youth and beauty would last forever

You built your playhouses in the sand

With no thoughts about the encroaching waves

And when those pretty little castles laid destroyed under your feet

You just built others and believed it would always be this way

The fellows,of your bright youth, would line up and admire all those pretty things you offered

But, sooner or later growing bored with superficial charms they moved on

Some grew up and learned to seek out more substantial prizes

Others toyed with one pretty little doll after another, until they like you, lay disillusioned, broken, old, and forgotten.


I Use to Believe That.

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I had some abuse issues to deal with growing up, one of the more hurtful was being asked “Why are you so stupid?”
The person who said this to me has no idea the damage she did to me, how I believed her. She was the grown-up and I was the child, so why would I not believe her?
The same person compared me, unfavorably, to a beautiful relative, my same age, at my most vulnerable time in life, the teen years.
I never felt good enough.
Everyone one was smarter, prettier, or more accomplished than I was, at least that is what I thought.
But, you see all these thoughts were not original to me, they were borrowed from others. I just believed them and never examined them to see if there was any truth to them or not.
I don’t believe that anymore, all though I do struggle at times when people say I am attractive or whatever, but I am starting to just be grateful and not argue the point.

In a way for some years I made myself unattractive by my attitude of not caring about myself, since I thought others didn’t , why should I?
But, one day I woke up, I said I am going to do what I can to be the person I would like and you know what? I found there are others who like that person,too.

Have you faced unfair criticisms? How did you handle it?

They Come and Go.

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It comes and goes this feeling of nothingness

Not connected

Traveling alone

It comes and goes this feel of unworthiness

Apathy and isolation

Crying for no reason

It comes and goes these feelings of rejection

Left alone

Brooding in silence

It comes and goes this feeling of irrationality

Nobody cares

Talk to the walls

It comes and goes these feeling of inadequacy

Not good enough

Head in hands

These feelings come and go

Disappearing quickly

Leaving me numb

And Then I laughed.

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I believed you were sincere

I believed it when you said I had misunderstood

I said I was sorry, when I did nothing wrong

I played the fool for too long

Your actions did not meet up with your words

The sardonic and jaded questions became too much

Your mocking I could not overlook

And so we parted for good

I was happy to say goodbye

But, you couldn’t pass it up

You had to have the last word

You thought that I still was the fool

And then I laughed

Time to Be Moving On.

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Toxic People.

I think toxic people are drawn to compassionate people.

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Compassionate people, have a hard time, sometimes, saying no to toxic people.

They want to help, they care.

The problem is toxic people only care about themselves and their own problems.

They are not interested in you as a person, but only how you can serve them.

I have had to get rid of a toxic person this week.

It was not easy, but I was fast suspecting this person was an extreme egotist who blamed everyone, accept themselves,for any problems they were having in their life.

All this person did at the end of relationship was complain and moan about how bad their life was and bristle if you dared to disagree with them.

I am not willing anymore to put up with that just to have a friend.

I see, now, what real friends do. They support you, they cheer you, and when they feel they need to talk to you they do so in a respectful way.

They do not suck the life out of you. They do not make you dread the next confrontation.

They make you happy to know them. Grateful for the wisdom they can bestow.

They are happy for you when you have accomplished something.

They have your best interest in mind, that is a true friend.

So, have you had to deal with toxic people? How’d you handle it?