Hanging Stockings.

Christmas socks hung on a wooden wall Stock Photo - 10889160

I thought that I did not own enough and so I hung my stocking up.And then I waited, oh so patiently, to see what it was that Santa would leave for me.

I decorated the house so fair with evergreen and tinsel every where!With Holly boughs and Mistletoe, but still I could not see how, I’d ever do enough, and so I hung my stocking up!

I made all the things my family loves to eat and filled the house with tremendous heat and though it was a noble feat, I could not see how I’d ever work enough and so I hung my stocking up!

Colorful mix of Christmas-themed decorated cookies  Stock Photo - 16228315

And so when Christmas eve had come and went, I thought about all the time I’d spent! So,gleefully went I down the hall! But, alas! A thief had broken in and removed it all!  Except on yonder nail pierced wall and empty stocking, that was all.

“It is not fair!’ I cried out in despair! For all my dreams I had stored in there. And when the thief broke in and took all my treasures off their hooks, I had nothing left to show and only then, did I know-That there would never be enough to fill my empty stocking up.

And, so the place that had held all my wares was in fact always bare. For, I had never learned to share all the treasures I had everywhere, but always failed to see.




A Mourning Time.

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America why?

Why do we produce angry young men who kill our children?

The blaming starts early, minutes after the tragedy, adding more burdens to an already burdened nation.

Our first response is anger, it is a reasonable enough response.

Then sorrow and fear grips us, but blame seems to be an instant reaction, we have a need to blame someone else. Someone other  than the individual who did the shooting.

He and he alone is the one who pulled the trigger, who decided( for whatever reason) to do the unspeakable.

He had the power to take lives and he used it.

No one can give adequate comfort to the victims, the moms, dads, grandparents, siblings, friends that are left behind, but we will mourn.

Will anyone mourn the shooter’s parents or whoever loved him?  I wonder? Will they receive the support they need? Will they be blamed and hated? Time will tell. It may well be,it is too early to be thinking this way, I don’t know, but I couldn’t help wondering about it.

All I know, for sure, is it is a day to mourn and to support the people who lost their children and loved ones, not a time to blame.