Depression and Misconceptions.

sad woman with hand in head with redhead hair - stock photo


I don’t mind when people say they don’t understand depression, most of us who struggle with mood disorders fail to understand it.
But, what does make me upset is when people say that the depressed person is only acting this way for attention.
Attention? Many days I have just wished to be swallowed up in black hole away from sight.
I really wished such insensitive souls could be locked in my head, or anybody’s head for the matter, that suffers from chronic depression, for one week or better yet a month.
I think they would change their tune then and perhaps gain some empathy in the process.
No one faults them for their lack of understanding; it is their lack of compassion that is hard to swallow.
We already know our faults and have beaten ourselves up over them repeatedly; we don’t need you to kick us when we are down.
We don’t need you to try and cheer us up , then go off in some mockery of self-righteous indignation because  you could not.
I think many of us prefer to brood on our own; we don’t want to cause a fuss or disturb anyone’s happiness.
We appreciate true concern; we wish we could take your advice to cheer-up, how we wish for it.