Wanting to be liked.

Portrait of two little brothers. Friendship and support - stock photo

I have this strange need for people to like me.

Okay, that may not seem so strange, but with me it becomes an all too consuming thought.

Whether someone likes me or not should not make me miserable, especially with people I don’t know that well.

I guess I have a childish desire to love the whole world and have the whole world love me back.

My day can be ruined by one rude gesture, one turning away, or one person ignoring me.

I begin to think, “What did I do wrong?”  Even though I know I have done nothing.

I am a good person, damn it, and I need to start sticking up for myself.

I have to stop letting this little stuff get to me. It stops progress and I use to be all about progress.

Whenever I get my eyes on something or someone else to make me happy, I lose a piece of me.

I am going to work hard on not letting that happen again.

What do you do to stay positive?