She Rampaged Out.

If you have ever read Dickens “Great Expectations” you know all about Mrs. Joe and her rampages. Whenever she felt her much younger brother, Pip had done something to annoy her she would give Pip a good whacking with a stick she named “Tickler” One day Pip wasn’t there when Mrs. Joe thought he outta be. When he finally arrives to home he is greeted by Joe, the blacksmith, who explains his wives’ absence by stating that she had grabbed tickler and that “she rampaged out.”

A long story, to say that whenever I see someone on social media post several posts in a row aimed at a particular person to show how stupid, trampy, bad, horrible, all around scoundrel another person is I always think of that quote from the book…”she made a grab at old tickler and she rampaged out…”

It could be very true the person is all those things mentioned, but it does seem a little excessive and much like a rampage.

I have mentioned names about 3 times and all 3 times I was ashamed of myself. All three times I deleted those posts. So, now whenever I am tempted to do so I think of what it will look like and I think of Mrs. Joe and her rampaging and I refrain.