World of the Pen

new abstract image with kaleidoscope style ornament can use like retro wallpaper - stock vector

What is it that makes me feel so disconnected?

Viewing life through a kaleidoscope

Lost in other worlds

Thinking unconventional thoughts

Like a sleep-walker amongst those awake

I never seem to be quite connected

The dreams seem truer than reality

I lose myself far too easily

I hide amongst words on paper

I feel more alive in that place

The place of my own creation

For in the world of reality

I can be cold as ice

Disconnected, uncaring

It confuses me, this world

Perhaps it is the inability to control

The unpredictability, the instability

When I take my pen I control my world

No confusion there

Nothing I can’t handle

People act as I dictate

I am in complete control

For I am dictator there


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