Happiness is Fleeting

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Happiness is fleeting

You cannot trust it

Everyday there is something new

It may bring sadness, it may bring joy

The trick, I think

Is to enjoy those fleeting moments

To recall them when sorrow comes

To realize that saddens passes

And joy returns, eventually

Best to take a few chances

To not be afraid to try

It is in those fleeting moments

We see a glimpse of pure bliss

It makes us greedy for more

So, we try to fake it

And end up miserable

Because we cannot reproduce

The element of surprise

That takes us off guard

And leaves us speechless

In the wake of such happiness

We never thought could be


Tears are Not Enough.


This is dedicated to a friend who lost her daughter a few weeks back.


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Tears are not enough when you have to say goodbye.
Your heart is wrung dry of them; so dried-eyed you stare into space.
No matter how they try to comfort you the words ,they all,fall short; you can’t relate.
A muffled noise is all you hear, as the lights swirl around you, an over-powering of the senses.
She’s gone, those words keep playing in your head, but you can’t quite believe it, this is not how it suppose to be.
She was too young, she had too much to live for, she was supposed to live a long full life.
This is not the way it is supposed to be she should have lived to bury you.

A Secret Longing Unfulfilled.

A secret longing unfulfilled

A secret desire untamed

I dare not speak it

I dare not give it a name

Too many nights spent all alone

Talking to myself; feeling old

Trying to fight the temptations

Longing to give up and be bold

A persistent, throbbing , aching need

A wild untamable desire

Trying hard to hold it back

But, I feel like I am on fire

Passionate longings go unanswered

I’m stuck here in this mediocrity

Trying as always to be good

But wild things must be free

A secret longing gone unfulfilled

A secret desire gone untamed

I dare not speak it

I dare not give it a name







Your Solitude.

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If I could get you to talk to me my friend, what would I say?

I know the feeling of being alone when you are not alone?

That I know how much it hurts to be rejected and cast aside?

Does misery in fact love company? Or is that only a comfort to the selfish?

I find no comfort in it and prefer to work it out on my own.

Perhaps, that is what you need the most silence and a chance to think.

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I just hope you know I think of you and that I hope for your return.

That I’d never push you to confide in me, but that you have a friend.

One who would sit quietly beside you and not make any demands.

Who would wait for you to talk and would listen when you did.

I hope for all that’s best and have not a single self-interest I wish to claim.

And so I leave you to your solitude and hope you are okay.


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Once I thought about how to please you.
You took advantage, you made me feel worthless.
So many days spent alone.
Aching for your touch
Bewildered by your refusal.
You chased shadows.
I ate my heart out wondering…
Wondering just when I would be good enough?
How I could compete with what you compared me to?
Now, you realize what you lost.
And how am I suppose to feel?
Grateful? I cannot.
Like two strangers we have become…
But, perhaps it has always been that way?
Your kisses leave me cold.
Ironic that the fire in your eyes once burned in mine.
All that has died and I live a lie.
I cannot return a love I do not feel.