My Friend the Poet

It is but a dream
Gentle poet
What the world calls real
For the soul knows
That beauty is ageless
That there is no time
There are only words

It is too real
Gentle poet
Among those who forgot
The music in their souls
Who drowned it out
And refuse to hear
The laughter or the tears

Just a dream
Sweet, gentle, poet
To sooth ourselves
When weary
Chasing dragons
Fighting demons
Loosing sleep

Reality invades
Sweet, gentle, poet
And sets the tune off-key
Distorts the dream
Until the soul
Picks up the instrument
And plays the tune again



Close up of man face looking sad - stock photo

If you knew how much I really cared
There wouldn’t be this distance now between us
Your anger always gets between
You haven’t learned how to forgive

How very proud, I am of you
Empty words are all you hear
There has been too much between us
You haven’t learned how to forgive

The talent is there, I wish you knew
But, you deny your true self,too
And this anger lies between us
You haven’t learned how to forgive

Pain is all that you can see
Blinding you, blinding me
Bringing anger to lie between us
You haven’t learned how to forgive


Withered grass ghostlike human figure imprint on green field. - stock photo

And so, like a broken toy, you lay there abandoned.

You thought the days of youth and beauty would last forever

You built your playhouses in the sand

With no thoughts about the encroaching waves

And when those pretty little castles laid destroyed under your feet

You just built others and believed it would always be this way

The fellows,of your bright youth, would line up and admire all those pretty things you offered

But, sooner or later growing bored with superficial charms they moved on

Some grew up and learned to seek out more substantial prizes

Others toyed with one pretty little doll after another, until they like you, lay disillusioned, broken, old, and forgotten.

They Come and Go.

one tree black and white - stock photo

It comes and goes this feeling of nothingness

Not connected

Traveling alone

It comes and goes this feel of unworthiness

Apathy and isolation

Crying for no reason

It comes and goes these feelings of rejection

Left alone

Brooding in silence

It comes and goes this feeling of irrationality

Nobody cares

Talk to the walls

It comes and goes these feeling of inadequacy

Not good enough

Head in hands

These feelings come and go

Disappearing quickly

Leaving me numb

The Cry For Help, Ignored.

Depressed or sad young man sitting on the ground with grafitti in the foreground - stock photo

The cry for help that goes ignored may come around to your door and you will wish you had done something more..

When you, the cry of help, ignore..

Better to make a mistake ,than suicide another life to take, and to regret the actions you took for your own comfort’s sake.

When the cry of help you have ignored.

Too busy to notice the pain around you, not quite knowing what to do, thinking it is up to another and not to you..

Please ,do not the cry of help ignore.

Take the time to say you care, you have no idea how long you’ll have to share before they are no longer there..

Because, the cry for help you have ignored.