Rock and roll - stock photo

I have discovered , by way of my son, a music group.

Although candor does make me admit to not caring much for the style of this group, what can I say I am old?

I love the lyrics and have not found another group that I can identity so closely with, as far as the lyrics go.

So, here are 3 songs that got my attention:

Photo worked together of several of my captures to make a  work for use to several different concepts. - stock photo


These White Masks selling in the theatre for children to painting. Actually, the actors use it in the performance as well. - stock photo


Long straight road at sunset - stock photo

3. No roads left


Meaning Nothing.

Illustration of music notes with dandelion seeds - stock photo

These lyrics don’t mean anything

These lyrics are exactly what they appear to be.

These lyrics don’t mean anything

I don’t even have a tune, beside the one that is in my head.

These lyrics don’t mean anything

But, some over zealous philosopher will say that is not so.

These lyrics don’t mean anything

You can choose to ignore that, but it doesn’t change the fact

That these lyrics don’t mean anything.