Happiness is Fleeting

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Happiness is fleeting

You cannot trust it

Everyday there is something new

It may bring sadness, it may bring joy

The trick, I think

Is to enjoy those fleeting moments

To recall them when sorrow comes

To realize that saddens passes

And joy returns, eventually

Best to take a few chances

To not be afraid to try

It is in those fleeting moments

We see a glimpse of pure bliss

It makes us greedy for more

So, we try to fake it

And end up miserable

Because we cannot reproduce

The element of surprise

That takes us off guard

And leaves us speechless

In the wake of such happiness

We never thought could be


Feeling Good today!

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Feel good today am calm and rational.

Writing has helped me so much, if it was a man, I would kiss him passionately on his mouth.

Just, don’t tell my husband, that.

I have my psychology report almost done and will have it turned in on time.

I have brought Critical Thinking grade up from a “D” to a low “B”

Still, I will be glad when these classes are over.

Well, that is it for today.

Going to go out and enjoy the day while I am happy.

I was meant to be happy.

I had a thought last night.

A very simple thought.

“I was meant to be happy”

Such a simple truth and yet, to me anyway, profound.

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If it had not been for circumstance I would have been.

It is my natural bent to be happy.

I love to laugh, sing, and dance.

I like to make other people laugh.

I see the humor in every day things.

Does that sound like a sourpuss?

A depressed individual who’s level of function is so low that she spends many days in bed?

Well, that was me up until about 3 years ago.

Everyday is a battle not to go back to that deep dark place that I was stuck in for 10 long years.

It is the place I dread the most.

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I would battle almost anything else than my depression.

Depression is a hard cruel task master.

It tells you lies and keeps you a prisoner.

Everyone gets the blues, but not everyone is depressed to the point of not being able to function on a daily basis.

People who have never battled this level of depression, just cannot understand it-PERIOD!

And ,no, they are not just feeling sorry for themselves.

An image of a man rolling a rock uphill. Stock Photo - 8579079The  inability to cope with daily life and its demands is real.

Every problem seems huge and unmanageable even the small routine ones.

There are real physical symptoms as well, such as,  fatigue, headaches, and sleeping problems to name a few.

Many times  the depression will be triggered by some kind of  traumatic event.

I think many differing factors led to my depression.

Factors  that I will talk about in later posts.

A stronger person may have handled those situations better, I do not know.

What I do know  is that I was meant to be happy.