Another Musician Exits the Stage.

Another musician has passed.

I must acknowledge that he was a part of my growing up years.

The sheer number of the work he produced would have been hard to miss.

And now I have another admission, I wasn’t a fan.

He had a wonderful voice and was a talented musician.

I just did not care much for his style, I guess you could say.

Like Michael Jackson, who was an excellent performer, it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

I could jump on the bandwagon and say I actually loved his music  all the time, but that, to me, would be the ultimate in disrespect.

I am sorry for his family and his friends who will miss him.

For his fans he was a light that went out way to soon.

We only knew him from his work; his friends and family will mourn the man and the rest of the world the artist.

Whichever group one falls into, we have to admit he made an impact and that is no small accomplishment.

Feel free to share your thoughts if you were a fan.







Flowers on a Grave  Stock Photo - 10899179


If I could have loved you better regrets would not fill my mind.

If I could have listened better, I may have eased your pain.

All too late! All too late!

You will return no more.

Again, I cry, ” Oh, teach me God, not to let one day go by without telling those I love how much they mean.”

But, then time marches on and I forget my pleas and live to regret again.

Alone in pain.

Closeup of withered rose, isolated on black background Stock Photo - 11399289

It is hard to see the sorrow in your eyes to hear it in your voice.

To be so helpless, to have no words, to not know what to do!

How hard to know the pain you bear, a loss that no amount of time repairs.

And here I stand like an intruder watching from the outside.

The sorrow alone is yours, the anguish, fears, and regrets.

And here I stand just like a mute and cannot speak a word.

How I wish to be instantly transformed to one who knows just what to say.

Maybe, then I could take away the sorrow in your voice and erase the fear there in your eyes.

Instead, I just stand aloof, paralyzed, silent, and helpless.