What I am Really Thinking

Did you ever have a certain person in your life you wish you could say what you were really thinking to?

I mean like when they ask something like, “Rachael, just why are you so uptight now-a-days”?

I could answer: “Because, I got sick of your bullshit that is why.

I got sick of you trying to bully me and make me feel small.

I got tried of your lies and you spinning every single thing around in a bad attempt to make yourself look good.

I got sick of you thinking that your problems are so much greater than anyone else and nobody in the whole universe could be as misunderstood as you are.”

But, this is not the best way, because they would never see themselves the way we are seeing them.

They are too busy justifying themselves and people who do that have very little insight.

The best we can do is to avoid such persons and keep them out of our lives as much as is possible.

That is what I have done and it is so much more peaceful now.


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