Not Taking Sides

At 47 years of age I have come to the conclusion that it is no longer important to try and get people to be on my side and that it does not make one bit of difference if they are.
What matters is that I am on my side.
I do not say this from some over-inflated sense of self-worth or ego.
I do not mean to say people’s opinion of me never matters, it does at times.
I do not think this a bad thing some people’s good opinion is worth having.
I, however, have to live with my decisions and others must live with theirs.
Some people will never be on my side and I will not waste any time in worrying about that.
Those who support me will have my gratitude, but it will not affect my ability to do what I think best.
I will not base my decisions on who may or may not agree with me, but only by what I think is right or what I perceive is the necessary action in the given situation.
I no longer try and prove I am right and the other guy or gal is wrong.
Time usually has a way of sorting things out, if we let it, and if not all the shouting or arguing my side of things will not make people who wish to think ill of me think any better of me than they do now.
When I was younger some things that seemed so important no longer carry any weight.
Time spent worrying about those who do not know me or those who do not really care about me is wasted time and I no longer indulge in that form of self-pity.
The thing that matters is that I surround myself with people who truly care about me and spend less time with those who only seek to create drama and chaos in my life.
The most important question is not whether this person or that person will be on my side but Can I live with myself after I make this decision?
Other people will come and go but I am always stuck with myself and would like the last few years of my life to have as few regrets as possible.


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