Baby shower pink card with baby shoes - stock vector


Today you were born.

There is so much joy in my heart it is hard to put anything into words.

You, see, little Coraline, you were loved well before today.

Each of us waiting saw a glimpse of the future, a future all that much brighter because you’d be in it.

As you grew inside your mom you not only brought the promise of new life you brought the hope of new possibilities.

You are the most important thing that has happened today for all who love you and you have already made the world a better place by coming here.

I want you to remember three things:

You will always be important.

You will always be wanted.

You will always be loved.

Precious one your little light has just started to shine.

It is shining brightly.

May it continue to shine for a long time to come.

Love forever,

Grandma McGimpsey



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