RIP Robin Williams

Lonely guy in darkness on the middle of road - stock photo

I have seen many blogs today with tributes to Robin Williams and that is great. He was part of our lives through the movies and the television for many years. Many of us have watched his genius since we were children and we are going to miss him.

However, I don’t feel compelled to be more talkative about depression or treat his tragedy, great as it was, as more tragic than the kid who was bullied at school and took his own life, or the abused girlfriend who took the pills because she could not take one more day of being beat-up, or anyone else who gave up on life for whatever reason. Don’t get me wrong it is bad and all the money, power, and fame is no insulator against this monster called depression. It can affect anyone and doesn’t always show up where we think it would.

Robin was a light in a dark world, his light has gone out, we are going to miss that light. So, instead of using his death for a soapbox I am just going to say thank you, Robin for all the laughs throughout the years and I’m sorry you couldn’t find away to fight the demons that tortured you. You will be forever missed by those of us who were lucky enough to witness your genius during our lifetime. Rest in Peace.



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