Naked Truth.

Empty countryside road through fields with wheat - stock photo

The truth is not what most people want despite their protests.
What I find , is that most people want a watered down truth that fits within their own scope of ideas and beliefs.
Truth is hard, unrelenting, and not what most people imagine. It doesn’t care if you believe what it shows you or not; it has no sympathy.
It breaks up long-held beliefs, no matter how much you have cherished them. It doesn’t care how much attached to them you are.
Truth is not a sentimentalist; it sees nothing through rose-colored glasses. It doesn’t care how much it hurts when it shatters your illusions.
Truth is not a motivator it is simply what it is. If you are motivated to change, that is great, if not, well the truth will still be the truth.
Most of us paint pretty pictures for ourselves and call that the truth. If truth is insulted you won’t hear it complain, it doesn’t hang around in fantasy worlds.
It is stark, naked, and often ugly, but if we let it, truth will change us into more resilient humans that are not so easily fooled and can face any storm.


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