Tears are Not Enough.


This is dedicated to a friend who lost her daughter a few weeks back.


Autumn tree silhouette in sunset, wind blowing away the falling leaves - stock vector


Tears are not enough when you have to say goodbye.
Your heart is wrung dry of them; so dried-eyed you stare into space.
No matter how they try to comfort you the words ,they all,fall short; you can’t relate.
A muffled noise is all you hear, as the lights swirl around you, an over-powering of the senses.
She’s gone, those words keep playing in your head, but you can’t quite believe it, this is not how it suppose to be.
She was too young, she had too much to live for, she was supposed to live a long full life.
This is not the way it is supposed to be she should have lived to bury you.



  1. How can I tell you……thank you, this touched my heart, to think that you care enough to write this, you captured exactly what I was thinking and feeling……my eyes filled with tears as I write this to you, God bless you, for your writing, your kindness and above all…..your friendship, I thank you so much!

  2. I am so sorry for yours friends loss, i also lost my daughter and it was the hardest thing i have ever been through. It was the only time in my life that i ever really wanted to give up. And if i hadnt had my son to take care of i would have.

  3. Every day I wake up. I remember, that this is real, but I ask how can it be? I can’t seem to take a step forward, her body lies in a grave, her spirit no longer here, I cry for her, I miss her so much. I wish I could change things, I would rather it was me that had passed, but why did it have to be her? I can’t touch her things, yet I can’t look at them either. I try every day to do a little to move on………….it seems she is forgotten by all but us, the initial shock has worn off and people moved on with their lives, yet here I am, crying, grieving, hurting worse than I ever had in my life. I feel suspended in time, I don’t know where to turn. I don’t know what comes next. I have a hole in my heart that might never fill again. I feel helpless, hopeless, and wonder if the pain will ever go away. If only I could have held her one last time, I want to do that so badly, and the frustration is so intense, I feel like I am losing my mind. I know she is always in my heart, but I would rather have her here…..

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