I Hate Drama.

Closeup portrait of two mad angry women with bad attitudes getting into an argument about to fight, isolated on white background. Interpersonal conflict. Negative emotions facial expression feeling - stock photo

I tend to not to indulge in drama, sometime it finds you, but I don’t go near it voluntarily.

My philosophy is, if you do not add any wood to the fire it will eventually go out. We all get upset, we all get treated unfairly, and we all face rejection.

It says more about our own character in the way we reacted to these challenges than what is being done specifically to us.

I am not advocating bottling up all your emotions, but if you must vent do so privately with someone you trust; don’t parade it for the whole world to see.

The world is cruel, fickle, and seldom on your side.

If you can, try turning it into a joke about how not to react or one poking fun at yourself for letting the jerks get to you.


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