I Am Me and Nobody Else


Just another crazy hair day.

I am not like anyone I know, oh, I suppose there are similarities there always is.
My family is crazy and I’m not…okay, perhaps I am not that different after all.
The point I am trying to make is that I don’t feel the need to justify why I am like I am. Life does things to you; it shapes you good or ill. I am the sum of my experiences, temperament, personality, and choices I have made.
I have to live with those things, others don’t.
I don’t like it when people try and tell me not to be who I am.

If you don’t like me…so what? How that is supposed to concern me, especially if I don’t know you?
I am all for positive change and growth, but unless I see it for myself, bullying is not going to make me change my mind, it sure and hell is not going to make me over into someone else’s image of me.
Took me too long to stand up for myself and now that I have, I am not going back.
So, I am me and nobody else. 🙂



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