PTSD symbol isolated on white background. Anxiety disorder symbol conceptual design - stock photo

It is the sameness that drives me mad

The same day repeated that never varies

The persistent numbness that is my existence

Until feelings burst free leaving me in despair

Illustration of film countdown. EPS 10. - stock vector

 I did not ask for this, it isn’t what I wanted

So many times I try to break free from my past

A never-ending nightmare that in my head replays

No matter how many times I try to escape it.

 Illustration depicting a highway gantry sign with an advice or support concept. Blue sky background. - stock photo

Don’t give me any of your dime store advice

If I could have chosen, don’t you think I would have?

I didn’t ask for the cards that have been dealt me

Your lack of compassion does nothing to save me

High Mountain Viewpoint - stock photo

 If gazing at the sunset; contemplating life

Was enough to change me, I’d never stop

If I could think those positive thoughts

Then I would do so all day long

sad woman sitting alone in a empty room - stock photo

 Just because someone does not comprehend

Does not mean that it does not exist

So, please stop talking like you know

Because, you do not understand at all.



  1. I have to say , this was beautiful, Numbness, so much feeling, so much pain, feeling isolated and misunderstood, alone while hurting, you expressed so much how I feel, I cried, not so much for myself, but for you who wrote this. I am not good with words, I want you to know that I care, I may not understand all you go through, but I know, I also have been there.

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