Locked within my head.

Head and hands of praying man, low-key portrait - stock photo

I’m locked within my head
Lost there
Abandoned by the reason I once held so high
I can think of nothing else
Pain lives there
Raw, unrelenting; driving me toward madness
Brooding in the dark
Alone there
I cannot get away from this solitary asceticism
Struggling no longer
Stuck there
Unable to free myself, no longer wanting to
Locked within my head
Lost there
In pain



  1. Re: Locked Within My Head, I wonder and think, what pain you feel so deeply, what has brought you to write such a deep feeling piece of poetry , I feel your depression, your loneliness and deep sadness, I did indeed like this, but I always want to know more, I question that which I do not know, and that is for this piece, what has this writer been through that makes them feel such despair? I send you best wishes, and good thoughts, I can feel your pain, I wish that I could take it from you.

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