Your Silence.

Closeup of girl crying with tear rolling down her cheek - stock photo

I try to be strong
I tell myself it doesn’t matter
I have many friends
If you no longer care for me
What does it matter?
That is what I tell myself
It isn’t working
It hurts and I cannot lie
Why do you feel it necessary to punish me
Punish me with your silence.hand of young  woman  melancholy and sad  at the window in the rain - stock photo

I am told it is your loss
But, I have lost something,too
It could be true you never cared
It could be true your heart is hard
And you don’t miss me as I do you
I tell myself it doesn’t matter
A lie to make me feel better
It isn’t working
I still feel lost
I still don’t know why
You punish me with your silence

Sad girl looking through window - stock photo

I have to let it go
I will drive myself insane
It is not healthy to go on like this
I know all the right things to say
Still ,it isn’t working
I cannot convince myself
That it doesn’t matter
I am better off without you
That is what all my friends would say
And still you punish me with your silence

Dreamy thoughtful beautiful brunette with mug of hot beverage. - stock photo

In the end you will be replaced
There is nothing else
It is the logical next step
I find it hard to walk away
Although, I know this isn’t working
Still I hope for your return
This too will pass
And I will move on
I will grow stronger and forget
No longer punished by your silence…


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