I Use to Believe That.

Hand raised with stop sign painted - isolated on white background - stock photo

I had some abuse issues to deal with growing up, one of the more hurtful was being asked “Why are you so stupid?”
The person who said this to me has no idea the damage she did to me, how I believed her. She was the grown-up and I was the child, so why would I not believe her?
The same person compared me, unfavorably, to a beautiful relative, my same age, at my most vulnerable time in life, the teen years.
I never felt good enough.
Everyone one was smarter, prettier, or more accomplished than I was, at least that is what I thought.
But, you see all these thoughts were not original to me, they were borrowed from others. I just believed them and never examined them to see if there was any truth to them or not.
I don’t believe that anymore, all though I do struggle at times when people say I am attractive or whatever, but I am starting to just be grateful and not argue the point.

In a way for some years I made myself unattractive by my attitude of not caring about myself, since I thought others didn’t , why should I?
But, one day I woke up, I said I am going to do what I can to be the person I would like and you know what? I found there are others who like that person,too.

Have you faced unfair criticisms? How did you handle it?



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