Toxic People.

I think toxic people are drawn to compassionate people.

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Compassionate people, have a hard time, sometimes, saying no to toxic people.

They want to help, they care.

The problem is toxic people only care about themselves and their own problems.

They are not interested in you as a person, but only how you can serve them.

I have had to get rid of a toxic person this week.

It was not easy, but I was fast suspecting this person was an extreme egotist who blamed everyone, accept themselves,for any problems they were having in their life.

All this person did at the end of relationship was complain and moan about how bad their life was and bristle if you dared to disagree with them.

I am not willing anymore to put up with that just to have a friend.

I see, now, what real friends do. They support you, they cheer you, and when they feel they need to talk to you they do so in a respectful way.

They do not suck the life out of you. They do not make you dread the next confrontation.

They make you happy to know them. Grateful for the wisdom they can bestow.

They are happy for you when you have accomplished something.

They have your best interest in mind, that is a true friend.

So, have you had to deal with toxic people? How’d you handle it?



  1. True! And good on you!

    At this stage I usually can sense “toxic people” well before they become friends, so I never end up getting close to them in the first place. Friendship has to be earned and if they’re not making the effort, they’re not worth mine.

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