Bad Day.

Crying woman on a dark background - stock photo

Today was bad.

When it is this bad, I get a strange temptation to post on social media that I am miserable and see if anyone bites.

I know this temptation is pointless.

The sad fact is most people don’t care, they have their own battles and burdens to shoulder and they don’t like getting forced into a corner of let’s all feel sorry for Rachael.

It would be like standing up in a room full of mostly strangers and saying, “I’m sad, give me a hug.”

Not too many people going to feel comfortable with that one.

Do they hug you just so they do not look like a jerk, ignore you and refuse to make eye-contact, or do they resent you for being so needy?

None of the options are very appealing ones.

Now ,if I had made some good friends ,then I could go to them, but I have isolated myself for many years and I don’t have many I can turn to.

This is not said to gain sympathy, it is merely a fact.

So, needless to say, I am not going to announce anytime soon on Facebook or Twitter that I am depressed, my intellect will win over my emotions.

I will however write about it here on my blog, it helps me think things out, I have convinced myself this is different from seeking sympathy and I truly believe it is, but maybe I am fooling myself.

So, whatever the point of this post was, here it is.



  1. I must comment. I don’t see it as gaining sympathy, I see it as wanting to be heard. You’re in pain, Rachael. There is nothing bad about expressing your feelings, wanting to be heard AND comforted. You have the right to do so, you also have a right to expect compassion. I’ve often wanted to do this on my blog, but didn’t have the courage. Rachael, I care. I can’t give you a physical hug, but will a cyber hug do? ((((((hugs)))))) 🙂

  2. I’m like you, I have few (read ‘barely any’) offline friends and so I also feel the need, when I’m miserable to tell people about it. But unlike you, I do. Do you know why? Because exposing myself as the imperfect person I am is what enables others to feel secure themselves as it gives the message that if they don’t feel great they’re not alone. If we all only showed our happy faces all the time, it would be a very fake world.

    Don’t be afraid to share when you’re feeling rough, Rachael. Hugs.

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