Cold Kiss.

Broken heart on a white background, vector Eps 10 illustration - stock vector

I can not tell why you no longer love me

You say you do, but it’s not true

I say it back, but still I feel blue.

And these feelings, they are nothing new.

A mistake has been made, but we still hang on.

We keep pretending that our love’s not gone.

We go through the motions of a happy life.

Loving husband, devoted wife.

 Young lonely woman - stock photo

I feel so empty deep inside

This great loneliness I always have to hide

You will not admit our love has died

You’re still reaching for what might have survived.

In the same room-a million miles away

After, all these years you’d think we have something to say

I see the board expression there on your face

I view the whole scenario as a hopeless case.

 theatrical mask of tragedy and comedy over a grunge brown background - stock photo

There is no longer any sparkle in your eyes

There is no mask to hide that lie

There is no hunger in your desire

No passion-No romantic fire

Same old, same old everyday

Actors in some sad drawn out play

The curtain has already been torn down

But, we, like mutes, silently hang around.

How long can one repress?

Such longing in one’s own breast?

Knowing there is something better than all this.

Always settling for such a cold, cold kiss.



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