Family Squabble-Word Press Prompt.

Angry young man pointing his finger with rage at the camera. The hand is selectively in focus and there is white isolated copyspace on both sides of him. Stock Photo - 6154250

This is a daily prompt from WP, it will fit here better here, I think than my main silly blog.

The prompt was:Write about the last disagreement you had with a friend or family member — from their perspective.

“It was just a joke!”,  I screamed.

Although, I knew my mom had a certain claim to respect, I always thought we could joke about anything.

Maybe I had gone too far, her point was valid, you probably shouldn’t allude to your mom as an idiot.

My apology wasn’t enough I gather, because she insisted on lecturing me and nagging me about how I was wrong.

I felt bad enough couldn’t she just let the thing go? Apparently not.

She asked if I would have used that term when describing my Grandmother.

I vehemently spit out one word, “NO.”

She stated up again, “Well, then you should…”

I cut her off in mid- sentence getting real tired of her nagging.

I swore and stomped down stairs.

She must have complained to my Dad, because it wasn’t thirty-seconds later and he came down.

I was already seething and so I laid into him.

Much to my surprise he remained calm and talk the things over.

He defended my mom, of course, that was only natural.

I gained some respect for my dad  and I understand his points, although I probably won’t tell my mom this, I’m going to try harder to respect her.

She probably doesn’t know how much I get upset with myself when I hurt her.

Wish I could tell her.


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