Who Knew?

I discovered something so simple that it seems too easy.

This thing has given me positive results regarding my depression like nothing else.

Oh, I have had many breakthroughs,that have no doubt, helped me manage and to lessen the effects of depression.

I started out by re-inventing myself. I started eating better and exercising. I found writing, which gave me a way to channel my emotions. I discovered self-talk.

But, this thing… well its result were almost instantaneous.
The big breakthrough? Sleep. Yeah, that is it. The right amount of sleep to be more precise. I hate to admit it, but since my daughter graduated and I have not been employed for a while, I have been sleeping in sometimes as late as 10  once it was closer to 11. I would stay up late and sleep in late.

The result was a very sluggish me, no energy, not much brain power, and always feeling tired no matter how long I slept. I wasn’t accomplishing much with this routine and I was having more and more depressed days.

So, I decided to stop it and I went to be early and got up a lot earlier. The first few days were rough. One day I gave in to the temptation and went back to bed, that is the day I got up at 11 am. The results were dramatic, where I had been slowly getting less depressed, that one day crashed down on me and I was miserably depressed. I decided no matter how tired I was, that I was staying up once I got up and if needed I could take a short nap to re-energize. Again the results were dramatic, I feel less depressed and am getting more things accomplished than I have in months.

Who would have thought something that simple could make such a difference?



  1. That is fantastic, Rachael. Amazing how something so simple can have a large impact. Oddly enough, I’ve changed my sleeping habits also. I’m going to bed earlier and getting up earlier as well. I never take naps, but started that also. Is it a matter of listening to our bodies?….I don’t know, but it’s working for me also. Amazing!! So happy for you, Rachael. 😀

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