Happy Birthday, Katie!

Fancy cake with number 20 candles.  Decorated with ribbons and star-shapes, in pastel tones. Stock Photo - 4315728

I made your acquaintance 20 years ago today. You came into the world with a shout! Who knew you’d end up the quiet type?

I admire you, you have fears like me, but you have gone and faced some of them! You have plans for the future and though frightened are willing to try, that is bravery.

Uncompromising in what you believe, you amaze me at times with your goodness. You would never dream of hurting a soul if you can help it.I wish that I was more like that at times.

I love you and I believe in you. Do you know why I always cry at that song, “Wind beneath my wings?” Because, I think of you there in the shadows happy to let others “shine.” You are a steady light, lower beamed, never compromising.

I hope your Birthday was happy and you have many, many, many more! I would not have missed these last 20 years for the world!


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