The Tale of A Child.

The girl the teenager in depression on a black background Stock Photo - 13444916

This poem deals with child abuse, if it is too sensitive of a subject for you than please do not read. This is not where I am now, it was written a long time ago during a dark period of my life.

If you’d listen, I’d spin you a tale…

A tale that’s too awful for words..

For if death was a friend and life could but end without fear of Hell or the grave..

I’d lay myself down and gladly end the pain.

If you’d listen, I would tell you how my life and my soul were long ago taken away.

For the pleasure of one, sacrificed for his vice and then finally thrown away.

Sentence to exile alone in my heart, I tried to remove the pain.

But, the tale that I told was too awful to hear and so, I was told to wish it all away.

But, this tale will not die it lives on in the mind and nothing takes the pain away.

So, if you’d listen awhile , to the tale of a child and if you don’t scold her away. then maybe she would heal and not long so after the grave.



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