Positive in the Negatives.

Hand in boxing glove through paper hole Stock Photo - 12798991

Sometimes, something unexpected comes along and BAM! it knocks you back into reality.

Imagination is a great trait, but when you live there 24/7, things start to unravel and you don’t even notice.

Then something jars you and when this happens you have some choices, you refuse to wake-up, you give up, or you grow-up.

I have made fun, on my silly blog, the concept of self-talk, but in reality it is what keeps me from heading down the path of psychosis.

It isn’t an easy discipline, you’re not allowed to tell yourself fairy-stories, on the other hand you’re not allowed to beat your self up, either, what you have to be willing to endure is the unvarnished truth and believe me that is hard.

A pleasant fairy-story where Rachael can live selfishly and unconcerned about the feelings of others is much easier. I have no duties, no responsibility, and no one is affected by my selfish behavior in that world.  I can tell myself they don’t really need me, they don’t care if I’m around, or they do fine without me. But, that is not true.

The truth is we need each other, the truth is I have sadly neglected my family and have dreamed the hurt away,which really never goes away until you face it, why they waited and wondered why I was rejecting them. Why I was so detached.

Facing truth is always hard, but the positive thing about self-talk is you get to see other truth as well. Yes, my family does love me, they do want me around,and they are happier when I make time for them.

It can help with negative “self-talk” as well replacing the  “you can never do this” with “you can do this just give your self time and allow yourself the privilege of learning from your mistakes.” It takes the Negatives and turns them into positives.

And, although true enough that you can do nothing about the past you can do something about the here and now. I choose to grow. I choose to face the truth and I choose not to beat myself up.



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