Loyalty and Social Media.

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I like humor. I write another blog, a humorous one. I like wit and being witty on Twitter. But, I cannot understand the trend to disrespect loved-ones on Social Media for the whole world to see?

What happened to loyalty? What happened to defending one another? What happened to holding up each others dignity?

I think of family as a shelter, a safe place, where you know you will be protected, loved, and defended. In turn you will protect, love, and defend. If you cannot feel protected there, then where in the world will you find protection?

Losing respect, hurting someone close, and the worst thing of all, losing someone’s trust is not worth the two second laugh or the sympathy you may gain from a stranger.

I have teased my husband, children, and siblings, but I am not comfortable tearing them down,especially for everyone to see.

I believe in the Golden Rule: “To do to others only what you would want others to do to you.” Especially when it comes to family. If we’d only follow that rule what a pleasant world it would be.



  1. Absolutely agree with you, Rachael. That said, on my FB profile, I refuse to add my family, because I prefer my interactions with them to be offline or in email which is a little more private, and because I don’t like mixing friends and family.

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