5:41 AM

Decoration - Happy New Year 2013  Stock Photo - 16068375

Well it is 5:41 AM and I can’t sleep.

It is a brand new year, and although, I said that I was not going to make any New Year’s Resolutions my mind is taking me in the direction of improvement.

The last two years have been all about self-improvement.

They have also seen their fair share of failures, but the only time I don’t fail, is when I don’t try.

Fears still plague me from time to time and stop me in my tracks.

I wish it was as easy as just telling myself to stop being so fearful.

But, usually the fear just appears and blindsided me every time.

I have to stop talking about doing and do, because the more I talk about doing, the easier it is to talk myself out of doing.

Rationally, I know the worst thing that can happen is I don’t succeed the first time that I try.

Although the resolutions are vague, I know that I will set goals for myself in this New Year; some will be successful and others won’t.

The main thing will be to try and to fight the fear instead of giving in to it.

I guess that is a resolution in itself.


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