Hanging Stockings.

Christmas socks hung on a wooden wall Stock Photo - 10889160

I thought that I did not own enough and so I hung my stocking up.And then I waited, oh so patiently, to see what it was that Santa would leave for me.

I decorated the house so fair with evergreen and tinsel every where!With Holly boughs and Mistletoe, but still I could not see how, I’d ever do enough, and so I hung my stocking up!

I made all the things my family loves to eat and filled the house with tremendous heat and though it was a noble feat, I could not see how I’d ever work enough and so I hung my stocking up!

Colorful mix of Christmas-themed decorated cookies  Stock Photo - 16228315

And so when Christmas eve had come and went, I thought about all the time I’d spent! So,gleefully went I down the hall! But, alas! A thief had broken in and removed it all!  Except on yonder nail pierced wall and empty stocking, that was all.

“It is not fair!’ I cried out in despair! For all my dreams I had stored in there. And when the thief broke in and took all my treasures off their hooks, I had nothing left to show and only then, did I know-That there would never be enough to fill my empty stocking up.

And, so the place that had held all my wares was in fact always bare. For, I had never learned to share all the treasures I had everywhere, but always failed to see.





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