Golden word on wood Stock Photo - 10991123

Word Press had suspended my Rachael’s insane rants and bizarre musings.

I am very ticked off!

People get a message saying my blog has been archived or suspended.

That is just great!

Thanks Word Press!

I just made a Facebook page to promote the blog.

I have contacted Word Press through their contact link and who knows when they will get back to me!

The message was confusing with no details of just why I have been suspended.

I check the terms of service and as far as I can tell, have not violated any of them!

It had something about get rich schemes, banner advertisements, or third-party advertisers.

If I have gotten rich off the blog I like to know where the money is?

The only banner ads are the one’s Word Press put up themselves.

I have never contacted any third-party advertisers to put ads on my blog.

So, what gives Word Press?

Anyone else out there experience this problem? What did you do about it?





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