A person draws the word Fear and a red circle and slash over it with a red felt marker on a glass board, illustrating the determination to conquer fears and anxieties Stock Photo - 9897442

I may start plugging this blog more.

I have been hesitant to do so.

I have been afraid to do so.

Fear has controlled my actions for so long it is like second nature to me.

Fear of failure and fear of rejection are my two biggest fears.

They have kept me from trying things and from accomplishing goals.

After awhile I had quit trying and quit setting goals.

I have been pushed down and told that I was not smart enough or good enough.

I believed that, too ,for many years.

I was never told what I could do only what I was not capable of.

I do not have a strong stomach for rejection, I take it all too personally.

Rejection, however is a part of life and it is something I have to accept.

I will fail.

I will be misunderstood.

Some people will not like me.

This is the way of things.

I cannot let myself be controlled by my fears.

So, I have resolved to do one thing I am not comfortable doing each week and this week it is plugging this blog.


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