Busy week.

sad girl by the river Stock Photo - 11781334

Boy, I haven’t posted here for a while!

I have been busy with school, family, and writing on my other blog.

I entered a writing contest, which brought much traffic to my  funny blog and which kept me busy replying!

I’m very grateful for the attention to my blog.

I should be ecstatic and  part of me is.

But, still I feel down today.

I feel a bit disappointed, I really do not know why.

My moods seem to creep up on me and little things tend to set them off.

I try and fight it , but honestly sometimes it wins, leaving me blue.

The hard part is I know-I know it is not rational.

I really think if I was oblivious, if I believed I had the right to be upset, I would be happier.

I would not have the burden of knowing that my emotions are not rational.

Depression stinks and I will keep fighting it!!


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