Last Safe Haven.

This poem deals with child abuse, if it is too sensitive for you please do not read.

Sailboat at sunset Stock Photo - 8804536

In my mind I told you, I told you a hundred times.

In my mind I ran to you and you dried the tears I cried.

Yes, in my mind you comforted me and told me it would be alright.

In my mind, how safe I was!

For in mind you loved me enough to chase the fiend away.

In my mind I was always safe, for I believed you must love me.

But, dreams are not reality and dreams cannot set you free.

For reality will creep in and expose every secret sin.

It will have its way and shine truth’s harsh light and chase the safe haven away!

At last you were told all about those long ago evil times.

But, you did not try and comfort me, you blamed me as I cried.

I was told that I should forget about the pain,for it was so long ago.

I needed to forgive and I needed to forget.

And so in my mind I wonder if you really loved me at all.



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