A little down today.

crying eyes  Stock Photo - 13323356

I thought I should try and write something today, since it has been awhile.

A little down  today.

Some days I am not sure why and today is one of those days.

I wish I could express better what I am feeling, but I am not used to doing so.

I tend to hide.

Hiding is easy, living is tougher.

I am going to try to get myself out of this funk, because it is no good.

I am still afraid of “the blues” spiraling into full-fledged depression.

I can’t go back there.

I won’t go back there.

It is the worse place I have ever been.

I will fight this depression with all I have, because I know all to well what it has taken from me.

I may not be able to get back the time it stole from me, but I can make sure I do not let it take anymore from me.

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