I want to be me so why am I trying so hard?

Sometimes you fall back into old patterns.

I suppose, the important thing is to recognize  it when it happens.

I have been on  a quest to not be what I think others want me to be, but instead to just be me.

At times I fall back into the role of pleaser.

Now, don’t get me wrong nothing wrong with pleasing  or being pleasant.

When it is at the expense of my own well-being, then it is a problem.

I try too hard and that is sorta like being a fake and who wants to be a fake?

I am still, after all these years, trying to discover just who I am.

I want to discover and be the person I was meant to be.

I realize this takes some effort, but why am I trying so hard?

Because, somewhere deep inside, I still want to please.

It always surprises me, that when I quit trying so hard, that people respond so much more favorably.

My new goal is to accept the fact that I cannot please everyone and any effort to do so is wasted effort.

Effort that would be so much more productive if placed somewhere else.


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