Hand Slapping.

beauty girl cry Stock Photo - 12744816

Why do I get hurt by such little things?

Will I ever get over wanting people to like me?

Being crushed when someone I admire puts me down?

They make a careless remark, probably not even aware of how it affects me.

Will I ever stop being a child?

A child who’s whole day can be ruined by one hand slap?

Most of the day is good and sunny-but that one hand slap can make it all crash down around my feet.

I am not tough, I am too sensitive, but those traits also make me empathetic, sweet-tempered, loyal, and kind.–That is good isn’t it?

I am silly and naive at times and unsure of what impression I am making on others.

I have made my share of mistakes but so has everyone, so why not be kind?

I can not bear the thought of, even unintentionally, hurting someone’s feelings.

Just because something is said in  a jest, with a smile, or a laugh doesn’t make it “cool.”

I have gone too far myself and I want to be forgiven

So, I must forgive as well.

I will get over “it” as I always do, but I will be more cautious, that is my way.

A good hand slapping always makes me shrink back a little.



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