Still Re-Inventing Self.

Since I have decided to just be who I am –I am so much happier!

I still bumble…..a lot actually, but I can laugh at it now!

Most of the time!

I tried too long to be someone who would please everyone and ended up pleasing no one!(including myself)

Decided  it would be far better to become someone with whom  I  could be pleased with and guess what?

People like me a heck of a lot better now, then when I tried to become what I thought would please.

illustration of smile expression with smiley face Stock Photo - 13549240

It is not without realization that the few sour pusses who use to put up with me are going to drop me like a rock.

They say misery loves company, but it only likes miserable company.

And boy was I miserable!

It is hard for me to believe I am even the same person!

I use to shy away from people and hide-now I love getting to know new people.

People, who help you out, lift you up, forgive you when you mess up, appreciate a kindness, and those who make me laugh-I love to laugh!

I am so less judgmental, I may not approve of your choices, but show me you got a good heart underneath it all and I want to get to know you.

Before, I would not have stuck around long enough to see your true heart and for that I am ashamed.

red heartshape, great for Valentine Stock Photo - 12192629

My journey is not complete it never will be.

I will never arrive at perfection, not possible.

I do not want to be anything more but a flawed, bumbling, fellow human being who keeps on trying and improving.


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