We Cannot Understand.

dry rose flower isolated on white Stock Photo - 8593705

Why did things go so terribly wrong?

So much potential!

So much talent!

Why did you feel it necessary to deprive the world?

Deprive the world of what you had to offer?

It is never okay, it never will be okay.

We can forgive, but can not forget.

You can not be replaced.

No one has shown up yet.

We can understand an accident.

We can understand a life taken away by a stranger’s hand.

Life loss to a disease or due to illness.

But never suicide.

The pain is great and haunting.

The mind reaches out for answers

They do not come

They never will

We understand what suffering is.

We understand what pain is about.

We all have felt alone.

We have all been weary.

That shattered look in the loved one’s eyes

Who are forever groping for answers that never arrive.

We understand what loss is about.

But,we never understand suicide.


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