Rediscovering Me.

I woke up one morning and thought I’m 44!

What exactly is that suppose to feel like anyway?

I do not feel 44; I still feel 24, although the mirror mocks that assumption.

I look younger than 44, but what does that look like these days?

I feel better than I did at 34.

I was depressed in my 30’s and gained the most weight during that period.

Now, I am dropping the weight,slowly, but it is going!

I have more energy than I did a decade ago and I am thinking clearer.

I am less fearful and willing to take more chances.

I laugh more and see the funny side of life a lot more.

I do not take things as personally as I once did.

I am taking online college courses,and am getting decent grades.

I have started a blog, but my biggest project of all is reinventing myself or maybe it is re-discovering the person I always was meant to be.

No one can change my life but me.

If I make more mistakes than someone my age should, oh well, that is the price you pay for self-improvement.

You got to admit what you don’t know before you can learn.

I can not please everyone and I am not willing to try anymore to do so.

Trying to be someone you’re not is the best way to kill your spirit and I did that way too long.

I want to be the kind of person that I would want to hang out with and the old Rachael definitely is not her too sad, too distant, and too reclusive.

Discovery can be a negative thing at times, but without it there is no motivation to change.

Refusing to say this is what I was, this is what I am now, and this is what I want to become will leave you in the same old rut.

Facing yourself is so much harder than finding fault with others, but it is much more rewarding.


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