What does it take to be popular and is that even important?

I was never popular.

I never made a bunch of friends.

I was the sad shy girl no one wanted to sit with at lunch.

I still feel like that girl.

I have made strides.

But, I know there is still much I need to learn about friendship.

In Junior High, I was the girl you probably made fun of  because you wanted to be popular with your friends.

The sad girl the teenager at home on a window sill Stock Photo - 12443030

I don’t hate you.

You just wanted to score points with your friends and you were too young to realize that I believed what you said about me.

In High School, you were the one who ignored me and talked about behind my back.

I don’t hate you, still.

You grew up enough to realize that adulthood was around the corner and it wasn’t quite as “cool” anymore to pick on the girl who never talked to anyone.

Ignoring me was easier.

In fact, I am grateful for that, much better than the living hell of Junior High and the tormenting you use to dish out.

Depressed, sad woman on neutral background Stock Photo - 9122505

As a young adult I made one or two friends, nothing that lasted too long, I was the friend that was always depressed.

The one you tried to cheer up, but couldn’t.

I don’t blame you for ditching me, I was not much of a friend.

Now, I am waking up from that long, dark, deep depression…but I am still a little unsure as to how this friendship thing is supposed to work.

I hope you will be the patient with me, I am trying to learn.

Not interested in being popular, just connecting with the fellow human race once again.

You see I am hopeful.


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