A Walk in the Woods.

I felt your spirit walking here beside me on this path.

I see your face again and hear your voice.

We stoop down to examine the leaves that carpet the damp mossy ground,to carefully examine their colors.

You are teaching me about beauty and solitude.

You are instilling in me your knowledge.

We were kindred spirits, you and I, when we walked those trails together.

I can smell the strong pungent odor of the decaying  leaves .

Once again I hear the  pleasant sound of  dead  branches as they  snap and crackle under our feet.

Your head is near to mine, I can feel your breath on my neck, I hear your soft sure voice beckoning me to take time, time to stop and feel the wonder of this place.

I want to skip and prance in my youthful exuberance, but instead I stay still as a mouse as you instill in me your knowledge.

We were kindred spirits ,you and I, when walked those trails together.

We moved slowly through those woods ; straining our ears to hear the music all around us, unwilling to miss its magic.

We didn’t say much, there was no need, because even in the silence, in your quiet way, you were instilling in me your knowledge.

Here in this woods I now walk alone, until I feel your spirit come walk with me.

We are kindred spirits, you and I , as we walk these trails together.


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